Re: Drs Little & Gockowski

Lorna Cane

Thanks for your post, Kerry. Your tone made me smile, wryly.

This caught my eye.

>I've used many compounded Rxs through the years and have a handful of 

proven pharmacies that I trust to formulate meds so I am completely 

comfortable using compounded pergolide. 

In our Files is a post from the pharmacy many of us in Canada

 use,concerning quality control.Seems to me we should be careful not to 

lump all pharmacies in the same pile wrt  efficacy,as Marian continues to do.

Here's the post, in case NEO screws up the link:

"In November,2010, Island Pharmacy ( then known as Shawnigan Lake People's Pharmacy ), B.C., sent 15 capsules from 2 lots of Pergolide Mesylate powder, to the lab for analysis, covering the powder that had been used over the last 6 months.

They also sent both new and old capsules (capsulated for 3 months)

The lab results said they were stable and compounded 1mg Pergolide Mesylate capsules with a measured 0.949mg/cap which is where the USP guidelines says it should be for compounded medication.

Please contact Kathryn Davies <shawnigangirl@...> if you would like copies of the results."

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002
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