Re: Veterinary Help With Cushings


Nancy...and Marian,

>>>I sure hope Teri sees your post because it appears you haven’t followed those background discussions either. 

I sure did!   (I am the one who's pony is taking 32 mgs compounded pergolide caps (16 am - 16 pm) a day.)

Just for the record vet started Stormy on 1/2 mg Prascend in Dec. 2011.  (And no, we did not titrate up because he didn't know that we should) Thanks to finding this group and having a very open minded, willing to learn vet...he switched Stormy to 4 mgs compounded pergolide in Nov. 2012.   
And to repeat vet freely admits that if it weren't for the info from this group, Stormy would have been 6 ft. under a long time ago!  Unfortunately, like too many vets, he was not that well educated on Cushings or IR.  (He was also full of BI bologna!) 
My story is like so many others. I was getting bad advice from him and two other vets. Like...Safe Choice IS 'safe'!  Try Purina Sr....'not enough molasses to hurt her'.  When it didn't help her gain wt., I was told to try Enrich 32.  Sigh.... Then I pumped her full of NSAIDs to try to help the laminitis pain!  (As directed by the vets) Stormy was going downhill fast!  She spent the winter, and most of the spring, flat out on the ground.  She literally did not get back on her feet till I found this group!   I am not trying to bash vet is great....just lacked knowledge on PPID/IR. Like you Nancy,  I am extremely thankful he was open to the advice/collective knowledge of this group.

My head is spinning.
You go Nancy ...and Linda!!!!  

Teri and Stormy
Indy 4-2012

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