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Hi Marian,


I would be most interested in reading the detailed protocol and all the findings of Dr Jennifer Davis you mentioned in your post:


“Dr. Jennifer Davis just in 2012 compared 21 additional formulations of compounded pergolide (as follow up to her 2009 study on aqueous pergolide on file) and once again, found huge inconsistency. One formulation from Wedgewood actually had NO measurable pergolide for the 180 days of study evaluation. Only 4 met the +/- 10% of stated 1mg label concentration from the compounder on Day 0 of the analysis.”


Since a prime purpose of this forum is for sharing data and facts about PPID, would you please provide this information to the group?  When and where was it published?



I’ve searched ivis, google, google scholar, PubMed, etc and can find no mention of this study, although the abstract for her original 2009 study is easily found on PubMed:


J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2009 Feb 1;234(3):385-9. doi: 10.2460/javma.234.3.385.

Effects of compounding and storage conditions on stability of pergolide mesylate.

Davis JL1, Kirk LM, Davidson GS, Papich MG.


For anyone interested, a more expanded version of this 2009 study can be found here, scroll down to the second last study at the end of the document:

The Effects of Compounding and Storage Conditions on the Stability of Pergolide Mesylate.

-Jennifer L Davis. PAGES 30-31 IMMUNOLOGY SECTION.




SW Ontario,  March 2005

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