Help with mare with Cushings and pain from arthritis


I need to get something into my Mare who has had cushings for about 6 years and now she has arthritis and is in pain She is walking stiff this is the worst she had been and winter is coming I have been giving her devils claw with yucca just found out you cannot give this to cushings horses.

Please if anybody knows of something I can give her to relieve the pain that she is allowed please let me know.

She is also on pergolide 1.25mg a day.

The devils claw and yucca were helping a little, I cant get her to eat but I have tried everything she is at a private home but they will not do the paste she gives them to much trouble for them to do it everyday.

Please if anybody knows of something safe for cushings horse I can give let me know, I am so confused about what to give her, she has never foundered but I read that a lot o this stuff will made her founder.

Please help me,

Thank you,


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