Re: Veterinary Help With Cushings


Hi Judy,

I just wanted to add a few words of support. My Arabian mare's PPID condition was confirmed by the dex suppression test as recommended by a board certified equine internal medicine specialist! Fortunately she didn't have any side effects. I later learned from the group about ACTH testing and have done this ever since.

Read and learn as much as you can about these diseases. You'll have to be your own horse's advocate. No vet, no matter how well meaning or devoted, has unlimited time or effort to devote to becoming the font of knowledge for every diseases known to mankind. This group sees more horses in a month that many vets might in a year or longer. Some just don't have the experience or the up to date knowledge provided by the group.

At the eight vet practice at which I work everyone could recognize a traditional PPID presentation. One of the three large animal vets sees most of the PPID/IR horses and prescribes Prascend. I doubt that any of them know about the Pergolide veil, titrating the dose and/or adding APF. Thankfully one of themĀ  recognizes the research I do and signs my compounded Pergolide prescriptions. He knows that my horse is tested several times a year and asks me about the proper testing procedure for his patients.

There are all different kinds of vets out there. Some think they know everything and won't listen to you. Others admit they don't know as much but are willing to learn. Use the information from this group to empower yourself in dealing with a vet to find one you can work with for Rudy.

Good luck to you both.

Jennifer and Mill in TN
Jan 2011

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