Re: Help horse foundering again

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Brittany,

This isn't your fault. It sounds like Dream may be starting PPID as the fall laminitis, 2 years in a row on virtually the same date, screams Cushings. Only way to know for sure is to have blood work done. It's great that you already have her on low s/s hay. Need to ask you to please put up a case history for her on ECHistory8 - I'll send you an invite to it so you won't have trouble joining.

You had posted about her issues last year in Dec so I am assuming she was Ok after that until this latest bout, correct? It made total sense to assume the trouble last year was related to the grain over feeding.

Really need to get the vet to pull blood samples and send them to Cornell for ACTH, Insulin, Glucose and Leptin. That will let you know where you stand. although she may seem young to be starting PPID she really isn't. Any horse older than 10 can be affected. If she is PPID, she may only need meds during the fall seasonal rise as she appears to be OK at other times of the year. Having blood work will make it easier to determine this. You're right that this is not something you want to keep happening. The fact that she has fairly flat soles points toward there being some degree of founder (rotation and/or descent) or possibly just trim issues that need attention.

Posting pics of her feet in the Photos section of ECHistory8 will allow us to take a peak and help you assess whether her trim is optimal for support and healing. If you have any xrays posting those as well will help enormously with getting her foot troubles straightened out.

How is Mikey doing?

Hang in there, we'll help you get this sorted out.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut

Jan 05, RI

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