Re: Veterinary Help With Cushings

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Judy,

Great that he appears to be generally healthy.

Remission is "controversial" because it is a chromium/magnesium/biotin supplement with a tiny smattering of lots of other things in negligible amounts and is marketed as a "cure" for IR. Chromium is only needed if your hay is grown on alkaline soils, magnesium may or may not be needed depending on what is already in your hay. Biotin won't hurt but won't help if it isn't deficient. In other words, the main ingredients have no magical powers they just happen to be things that are deficient in many hays and are important in the diet so at times this supplement may help a bit. It's a pricey shot in the dark rather than actually addressing the root cause of  IR/laminitis.

From your description is sounds like the vets showed you Prascend, the patented form of pergolide. It is the priciest form with the lowest retail price hovering around $51 for 30mg.

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