Re: Bren off bute and doing ok!

Dee Kenville

Thanks everybody for all your help so far!
Bren is weaned off of bute now and looks ok...we are starting to hand walk
him a few minutes in soft sand arena.
Just so you know, my successful action has been following all the help
here. He is on low sugar hay soaked and low sugar pellets for giving him
his meds...and no sugary treats and I have followed all the other advice
as well( magnesium, E, flax etc)
My vet is out of the country for 2 wks so I will get him his ACTH test
when she gets back to figure out where his pergolide needs to be...he is
at 1.5 gm daily for now. I think I will get another insulin and glucose
test too to see if what I am doing is helping.
His trims are next week and I will talk to my farrier about suggestions I
got here...
Again, thanks for wonderful to see him walking and being sassy
with no bute!:)

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