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 I would seriously consider contacting your vet again....  I understand the "old" idea of not testing this time of the year, so you can say that you appreciate that concern, but Dream has had laminitis now, two years in a row on virtually the same day.
My proposal to my vet was, when this same scenario happened to me, the history of laminitis is not a coincidence.  Why sit and wait and allow this situation to possibly get worse when the therapy is pergolide?  Giving a couple of months of pergolide to minimize any damage is far more wise than just watching and waiting to see what may happen.

Also, you may want to print out or have handy the data from Liphook as to what they discovered with normal and PPID horses -   PituitaryParsIntermediaDysfunction.pdf

It occurs to me that this is a very good example of the conversation about finding vets with up to date info on Cushings and IR, and using the knowledge that this group has amassed to help keep our horses healthy and sound.  My boys are IR, not Cushings, but in reading the posts everyday for the last 3 years, I remember the info about the Liphook data on normal rise as opposed to Cushings rise.
There is so much here at ECIR to help us.  Why does Dr. Little get so worked up about it?  Not every region has enough equine vets.  Not every busy vet can keep up with all the advances in knowledge.  Especially if they don't have very many Cushings or IR patients.
I am very thankful for the expertise and help found here.
Laura K. Chappie & Beau

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