Re: Veterinary Help With Cushings


<<<<<Did we tell you it gets easier?  HA!   It does!!

Mandy, you have all helped me immeasurably already.  I do appreciate it!  However, I need to explain why I do not want to dry-lot Rudy, just in case he might be IR.

My life and my horsekeeping is already pretty complicated, as I lost my right arm in a tractor accident three years ago.  While soaking hay might be a minor inconvenience for some, for me, it is more than that.  Dry-lotting and subsequent manure pick-up is complicated.  I have to rely on my husband for so much help already that I am not willing to apply more burdens that hopefully are not necessary.  We are both around 70 (!) in age.

Right now, I will change from grain to beet pulp, if Rudy will get on my page.  Fortunately, he is on the bottom of the pecking order.  When grass is rank, I will corral him overnight and feed him with a slowfeed hay bag (when I get it!)  I think he would "lose" a muzzle out in the pasture the way he loses fly masks unless it was tight and strong enough to be dangerous.

I will see if I can find an open mind among the three vets I have talked to, and keep looking for one who is already up on Cushings.  I will direct to the ECIR info page, but I don't see anything there that would tell a vet how much pergolide to prescribe...

Thanks again.  I will do the history when I can get into the history group.



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