Re: Veterinary Help With Cushings

Lorna Cane

Hi Judy,

>My life and my horsekeeping is already pretty complicated, as I lost my right arm in a tractor accident three years ago.  
>We are both around 70 (!) in age.

Gads, I can identify with the age thing, but I have both my arms and still find things overwhelming sometimes!
We'll have to move this to our Horsekeeping sister group if there is any interest,but just wonder if you've ever considered using a Shop Vac for manure pick up? Two and a half inch hose.
I use the 60 litre one ( on sale several years ago), sit it in a Rubbermaid,well-balanced 'commercial'cart, empty it into the cart as needed (usually takes 3 or 4 ),and then empty cart.('can' be done with one arm)
 This has saved my ancient back  unbelievably.Am able to use one hand to manoeuver hose for pick up.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada

ECIR Moderator 2002
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