Is Hawthorne a problem for IR horses?


Hi Guys,

Strange question I know but my horse, Regal is living on a track system with very limited grass, low sugar/starch hay and a mineral balanced feed.  He is rehabilitating from significant WLD which he has very nearly grown out but this last trim cycle he has remained really sore (usually his pulses and pain increases for a few days after a trim but then he settles)...and I am wracking my brain for "what's different" this time and I've noticed him eating the Hawthorne leaves off trees on his track and wondering if this could be the cause.

All four feet are a little warmer than usual, he hasn't got bounding pulses but he is definitely more tender footed.

If anyone has any insights on this I would really appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance

Liz and Regal


December 2012

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