Re: APF Dosage & Ok to give with Bute?

Stephanie Stout

Hi Deb,

King's been on the Gabapentin for a week now, for his rotation pain. He hurts way too much not have to have some type of pain control, and I wasn't going to give him anymore Bute. The Gabapentin is not the cheapest, but it is quite easier on his kidneys than the Bute(he has kidney sensitivity) so I'm happy with that. He gets it twice per day right now, at a little less than the full dosage. I would say that it is definitely helping him. He's way perkier after he gets it! It's a bit of a pain to deal with - I'm grinding up the pills in a coffee grinder and then have to syringe it. They don't have a pleasant taste so no way will he eat them. But, if it helps him, so be it. I will do anything to help him! 

Does anyone know about how long it will take the APF to work? I started it Wednesday so curious how long it might take to help....

Thanks all!
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