Apple Flavored Doxy

Deborah Ide

I have a question. My horse Tara was bitten by a tick between her front legs about two weeks ago.She developed a crusty scab. A few days ago the spot swelled up. I called the vet. She said to  give her Doxy  until swelling subsides. The vet dropped off the Doxy (Wedgewood Pharmaceuticals) yesterday while I was not at the barn.  The Doxy is apple flavored (sugar added, I'm thinking, because of apple flavoring). Tara's Insulin, Glucose and Leptin were good when last tested in June and processed at Cornell: (Glucose 85,Insulin 14.42, Leptin3.34.(I don't have her latest Case History posted yet although I have updated it). I'd appreciate advice on whether or not it is safe to give her the flavored Doxy or if I should try to get unflavored.  I tried putting it into her AM soaked hay cubes but she rejected it. I think I'm going to have to use a dosing syringe. How do most of you get Doxy into your IR horses?

The vet is coming back in about two weeks relating to something else and I'm thinking it might be a good idea to ask you to do a Lyme titre too. Thoughts on all of this?
Deborah Ide
November 2012

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