Re: Apple Flavored Doxy

Kerry Isherwood

I used Wedgewood for doxy last fall & they told me the flavoring was safe for IR. Unfortunately I cant remember what flavoring i selected but my point is that Wedgewood has great customer service for owners so give them a call to ask specifically. They may ask for your batch/order # so have your doxy bottle nearby.

My mare was still in the voracious appetite phase of IR when i treated so I had no prob getting the powder into her, so i cant help w the actual dosing mechanics.

FWIW, my mare responded very well & quickly to Wedgewood's formulation and our general practice uses it frequently to successfully treat the constant stream of lyme-positive dogs into our hosp so i can vouch for the efficacy of Wedgewood's compounded doxy.

Good luck,

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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