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Hi Bonnie,

I've tried now 4 times to respond to this post, and my messages are deleted for some reason.  My horse has same problem.  His gut does best on fresh grass of any species and high fiber hay has always caused loose manure - even hay with drying agents.  However, fresh grass 24/7 is not reasonable for an IR horse. Now, it appears we've identified that sand from eating on dry lot might be a problem that vets never warned us about, even though he's regularly tested for it and levels are always low. We've started implementing psyllium with good results. Ari gets Forco daily for prebiotic and Full Bucket probiotic.  All things being equal, Ar just cannot have high fiber hay - it will always give him the runs.  I live in TX, so this means I have buy orchard and can't use the local coastal. Even Timothy has higher fiber and we can't use it. The recent batches of orchard have contained more dust/dirt in them - hence the psyllium to counteract.

Carol, Aristotle in TX
August 2013 

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Has anyone tried pre-and/or probiotics as preventative?

Should I test for sand in the gut?

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