Switching To Compounded Pergolide(and questions!)

Stephanie Stout

Hi Everyone,

My horse was just diagnosed recently with Cushings(super high ACTH) and IR, and I got a box of Prascend to start with. However, he is needing more than 1mg per day(he's at 2.5mg right now and I am seeing how he responds to that) and I can't afford the Prascend at that dosage. So, does anyone use the compounded capsules from Thriving Pets? Is the dosage the same(ie: Is 2.5mg of Prascend is the same as 2.5mg of the compounded)?  

I know that you have to be really careful of the shelf-life with the compounded pergolide, how much do you guys order at a time? Has anyone had any problems with feeding the compounded from them? How do you feed the capsules to your picky eaters?  

Thanks so much!

Stephanie & King


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