when to re-test ACTH


My pony has been on 1mg of pergolide for the past month (started 9/30). The vet's instructions say to retest in 3-6 months. She had little appetite for most of the month, but that could have been due to ulcers. Its recently picked back up again and she's eating well. She's pretty much back to her normal self, even running and playing with her herd mates. On the outside, things look pretty good. 

I'm currently looking for a new vet, since the one I've been using refused to give me a prescription for pergolide. She wants to charge me $125 for ~45 days of compounded pergolide. The container wasn't sealed when I got it, and it looks like I'll be running out of it before the 60 days on the label. 

Basically, its a matter of when do I start calling new vets to make an appointment. If its not too early to re-test her, then I'll get right on that next week. Or if its too soon to really know, then I can hold off. I'm just trying to figure out how to get the best quality care for her at the least cost. 

I tried to search the group, but neo won't show me more than a couple posts. Also having neo issues with looking in the files. 

If I can get a new vet to come out in the next week or two, is that too soon to recheck her ACTH?





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