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In the 3rd paragraph that was supposed to say he gets no hay unless soaked, not no hay. I apologize.

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I just updated Opie's case history. He has been doing rehab for check ligament tears for the past 6 months and is still not able to be ridden. I am very strict on his diet and when he initially went into rehab we took away pretty much any extra item that might contain sugar. His diet is in his case history.

The problem I am having is his crest continues to flair up, he now has mild laminitis in all 4 hooves (no rotation), and we have been having occasional abscesses for the past couple of months. We drew ACTH levels last year and they were well within the normal ranges. He is in a controlled IR and his spring insulin level was 24.3, also in the normal range. I have to put that in his case history because I completely forgot.

We have been fighting laminitis now since August so he does not currently have a fall insulin level. We were trying to fight that prior to drawing a new lab so we can get an accurate level rather than an increase due to the laminitis. Soaking the hay hasn't made a difference and he is on beet pulp with vitamins and minerals, no grain whatsoever. He gets no hay.

The vet feels like he may be showing pre-Cushing's so we have started on Prascend at 0.5mg total daily for 60 days for a trial. I did notice his personality, which has been rather depressed the past few weeks, has snapped back very close to his normal pony-tude after starting the Prascend. No change in the hooves or crest as of yet but he just started Monday and has had a total of 7 doses.

The vet's plan is to redraw the ACTH and send to Cornell if the trial works. He has had no actual signs of Cushing's aside from what I just explained. Can Prascend work on IR horses that are non-responsive to diet measures even if they do not have Cushing's? Is there anything I may be missing to bring up at our next vet appointment?

Oh, he is seeing the farrier every 3 weeks. He is barefoot and gets rasped every 3 weeks instead of a trim every 6 due to the way his hooves grow. He has a few confirmation issues we have to stay on top of unrelated to the IR.

Here is his case history link. It is still bare but I will work to get pics loaded into it.

Kendra and Opie

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