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>Kendra, several things in your note jump out at me that suggest that Opie is PPID.<
>Great to hear that Opie is feeling better on the Prascend!  There is really no need to wait for 60 days of a trial period.  We recommend testing after 2 to 4 weeks on the target dose to see if the ACTH is well controlled.<

The vet felt that he probably did have early signs even though his ACTH levels have been well within the normal range. That's why he wanted to do the 60 day trial. He comes back out in 60 days for rehab check but not before then.

>I noticed in your CH on Opie that you have him on SmartVite Thrive.  This product contains Vit C and B vitamins that are not recommended for IR horses.  Also, added manganese, which you may or may not need to balance your hay, and not enough copper, zinc, biotin and methionine to even begin to do any good.  The best thing you can do is to have your hay tested and balanced.<

We board in a 30 horse show barn and I am unable to test the hay. New hay is delivered every 2-4 weeks. That's why he is on a multi-vitamin. He also gets an extra 50mg of Biotin with the biotin supplement he is on. If you have a better suggestion for a multivitamin I will gladly switch! SmartPaks are highly preferred because of our boarding situation.

>Here is a link to the IR calculator.<

His glucose is 83 and his insulin is well within the normal range. I'm not sure how he is calculating as severe. He was on Enrich32 the last time he was tested and ate about 1 1/2 hours prior to testing instead of hay only so I think his insulin would have been lower. His previous one before that was 13.something on hay only. He is no longer on Enrich32 because we pulled everything when he got injured.

>I may be confused, but are you currently hand walking and trotting Opie?  A laminitic horse should never be forced to move.<

He isn't forced lol. He is very gladly moving and keeps trying to go faster. I have to fight him from canter attempts. He gets hand walked and trotted on very soft footing and gets boots when walked on harder ground. He is never trotted on hard footing. If he shows any signs of tenderness it is stopped immediately. He never gets pushed past his current ability. It is very hard trying to find a proper balance for a rehab IR pony that was stuck on stall rest for close to 5 months.


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