Re: gut problem


Hi Bonnie,

Sorry I'm just getting around to answering about the psyllium amounts .  How is your horse's manure currently?  Were you able to find a good pre and probiotic?  We use l/2 c (1/4 for each feeding)  metamucil unsweetened mixed in with minerals for 2-3 days in a row.  Ari doesn't have a problem eating it.  We have sand clear in the cabinet, but it contains molasses. Some folks may use more psyllium and someone may want to chime in here to give a better idea for dosages , but since we have just started this I don't want to make any fast changes.  Ari has no more runnies, so if we continue to use it it will as a prophylactic against sand.  This will be more important as he eats more hay in the winter. 

Carol, Aristotle in TX
August 2013 


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