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>You also state that "He is in a controlled IR and his spring insulin level was 24.3, also in the normal range."  Here is a link to the IR calculator.  Plug in your numbers to see that an insulin of 24.3 puts Opie in the "severely IR" category.  You didn't say what his glucose was, but just to give you an idea, I put it in as 80 and then again as 100 with the insulin of 24.3, and both times it comes back "severely IR".  The labs normals are too high.  The freil calculator is based on the IR pony field study, 7th file down in this "insulin resistance" folder:<

I am going to confuse everyone as much as I confuse myself at times.

During his spring insulin testing, the barn owner pulled him off his feed (3/4lb beet pulp, 3/4lb Enrich32 plus supplements) and placed him on 1 1/2lbs of Safe Choice without my knowledge. He was on the Safe Choice for approximately 3 weeks prior to his labs and I found out his feed was switched a week later when his labs came back with the insulin increase. I had to look back through my notes to verify this morning. The feed switch caused a huge argument between myself and the barn owner who felt that since the insulin levels were normal it was perfectly fine to place him on the feed the other horses get. The vet got involved and he was removed from the Safe Choice and put back on his diet.

Once he was injured and placed on stall rest all forms of grain/balancers were removed from his diet and he was started immediately on a beet pulp and hay diet with his supplements. I think the Safe Choice is what caused his insulin to increase by 11 points.

Kendra and Opie
July 2013



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