Re: Price and sources for Pergolide

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Carol,

That sounds like the vet is prescribing Prascend, the patented form of the drug. It is quite expensive, although if you can get the vet to write a script instead of dispensing it himself the best price available is around $51 per 30 caplets.

There is also the compounded version of the drug available. If your vet is willing to write the script for you, it can be ordered as any size dose that is needed vs having to use multiple caplets with the Prascend. As Mandy mentioned, the price is quite reasonable for the compounded from many reputable pharmacies. Many of us use Pet Health Pharmacy, which Mandy provided the link to. Unless things have changed, unfortunately WI does not require that vets provide a script to their clients in lieu of dispensing the meds themselves but if you have a good relationship with your vet he may be willing to help you so you can better help Beatle without needing to "mortgage the farm". We recommend getting the capsule form, only ordering 30 days at a time and storing it in the door of the fridge.

You might also ask your vet about starting Beatle on metformin temporarily, while you are working on getting the PPID under control as his insulin and glucose levels are so extremely high. It doesn't always work, and if it does the effect is only temporary, but may be a consideration here to help get the laminitis/founder and weight loss issues turned around more quickly. Dose would 30mg/kg, twice daily.

Also would encourage you to get pics of his feet posted for us into the Photo section of ECHistory8 as it sounds like there are some trim issues that need to be resolved.Here is the link to how to take good pics:

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