Laura & Hope - 22 yr old TB mare

Laura Cull


My mare was recently diagnosed and I would just like an opinion about her case history.

I am planning on having her ACTH level retested in late Dec / early Jan and based on those results will decide whether to start her on pergolide. If I do start her on pergolide should I stop the Cushings Care? I'm wondering if they are contraindicated.

She has not been tested for IR and considering having that done at the same time. What is the test you most recommend for that?

Last year she started tripping more often and this summer when we were riding it was more frequent. Could this be cushings related?

She has had persistent scratches since the spring of 2009 and this Sept she developed a really painful eye infection. I would like to support her immune system via nutrition and supplements. What would you recommend?

Any other suggestions for her care based on her case history?

Many thanks, Laura & Hope

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