Re: Laura & Hope - 22 yr old TB mare

Lorna Cane

Hi Laura,

>I buy all supplements from Herbs for Horses as their products are all pharmaceutical grade and researched and tested at the University of Guelph in their equine program. I am not willing to change companies when it comes to supplements. Quality and efficacy are very important to me.

I am very familiar with Ralph's products,and they are good quality ,as you say.
The catch is that Cushing's Care is Chastetree Berry.If it were my horse,with an ACTH as high as Hope's was in August, I would be putting her on Pergolide right away.
CTB will often improve some of the Cushing's symptoms,such as coat shedding,but it does not address ACTH levels.

Our Canada Sources File has the contact info for a reliable pharmacy ,in B.C.,which a lot of us have used for years for our compounded pergolide. Island Pharmacy.Ask for Kathryn.

It's possible that Hope's tripping is from her trim,but also possible she is experiencing low grade laminitis,arising from high ACTH levels. Or i could be wrong on both counts,of course.
It would be very helpful for the hoof people here if you could bring yourself to posting hoof pix.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada

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