Determining Pergolide Dose


Just got my October test results
ACTH - 53.4 (Cornell)
Insulin - 16.02 (Cornell)
Glucose - 106 (meter)
G/I ratio - 6.62 (compensated IR)
RISQ - 0.25 (compensated IR)

My question is should I go up 1 mg or 2 mg of pergolide?  I know 53.4 is over the limit even for August thru October but the lowest I have gotten her ACTH in the past three years is 34.0 which was last April.  I was jumping for joy over that.  I'm thinking 2 mg and I will retest in April to see where we are.  I just need reassurance that I'm thinking right.  My vet says it is up to me.

On a good note about my vet, when he faxed me Amber's test results he also faxed me a print out of where he went to the IR calculator and plugged the numbers in.  Maybe he does listen to me after all.

Jean and Amber
in South Carolina
August 2004
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