Re: Seasonal Change and Daylight hours

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Marilyn,

So sorry to hear that Jumpy is having such a bad time this year.

Do you have a case history up for Jumpy? If so, would you please provide us with the link to it. If not, would you please fill one out for him on ECHistory8. As has been said, the devil is in the details.

You're asking a good question. To my knowledge, no such studies exist. The rising ACTH in the fall season is a normal, necessary step for a horse to prepare itself for the coming winter. Unfortunately for our PPID/IR horses, this normal change becomes a huge problem as their ACTH rises unchecked due to the death of dopaminergic neurons. The exaggerated rise causes elevated levels of cortisol to circulate and will push insulin levels higher as well, which in turn damage laminar connections. Any rotation/founder/trim issues then compromise blood flow, adding to the potential causes for ongoing foot pain. A vicious circle ensues.

You may already be on top of all of this so bear with me here. When was his last ACTH done and what was the result? Is his pergolide dose maintaining his ACTH in the solid middle of the range? What are his most recent insulin and glucose levels? Is his diet really tight, with minerals balanced? Is his trim immaculate (you can post photos for help with this)? What is the temperature doing in your area? If it has dropped into the 40's at all have you been adding AAKG+Jiaogulan to his supplements and wrapping his feet/lower legs to maintain warmth?

Sorry, more questions than answers for you :(

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Jan 05, RI
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