is this possible?


Bella's first ACTH was over 600 from Cornell, and she's getting 1 rounded scoop of pergolide once a day since Sept 30. I've been syringe feeding it to her so I make sure she gets it and because she's really picky about meds in her food. She's acting like a totally normal horse. This morning she was racing and playing with the minis, jumping, bucking and having fun. 

Is it even possible for such a small dose of pergolide to control such a high ACTH?

She's been having more joint stiffness, and even a little swelling since starting on the pergolide. But she did have some Lyme antibodies when I tested her. Can controlling ACTH w/ pergolide increase Lyme symptoms? Was the high ACTH suppressing her immune system, so now she's fighting off the Lyme more now?


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