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 The result was 104.

My vet said at this time of year the results could be 3 times higher than it should be so his advise was not to medicate now and do another test in January.  She got laminitis in August of 2013 and now again in September 2014.

Hi Susan -

This may have been a thought several years ago, but we know now that 104 is definitely not a number a normal horse will rise to.

Check out this

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There is a great graph that clearly shows what a normal horse would rise to and a PPID horse.  Please share this with your vet.  I would gently 'insist', and if he is still reluctant, suggest you sign something recognizing that your wishes currently go against his recommendations.

I would also point out the not so coincidental lameness two years in a row, in the same time frame (fall) - a classic symptom of PPID

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