Re: is this possible?


The pergolide is from a compounding pharmacy I've never heard of before. Cameron Pharmacy, and it doesn't look like they're accredited. The vet's label on the bottle just says to give 1 scoop once a day and recheck in 3-6 months. The vet said that 1 scoop is 1mg. The pharmacy's label says 60mg/180gm 60 scoops. I'm not really sure what that means. And the bottle wasn't sealed when I got it, it was open. 

Both front fetlocks had swelling on the medial and lateral aspects (inside and outside). She doesn't walk as fluidly is what I mean by stiff. She'll also "stand in a tea cup" with her front and hind legs positioned far underneath herself. However, when I wrap her legs she moves normally and stand more normally. 

The swelling has improved, but its still present on the medial side of both her front fetlocks. I believe what I'm seeing could indicate some kind of navicular type thing going on, but I'm not 100% sure. Her frogs are dry and hard, with no signs of thrush and she doesn't flinch when I put pressure on her frogs. 


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