First time Cushing's!

Rachel Petzold <r.petzold@...>

I need some help/advice/info on my horse's situation. I am a first time horse owner who has never heard of Cushing's Disease until I got my 11 yr old Morgan mare last summer. When I got her she was incredibly overweight and as it turned out later, very lame in her two front feet. I had the vet come out and do xrays and bloodwork, and she put my mare on a very limited diet of grass hay and thyroxin to melt the fat off.
The xrays showed her front left had rotated "a hair", bloodwork showed normal insulin levels, but "on the cusp" of Cushing's disease. When I asked about the Cushing's I was told to get the weight off, keep it off, and my mare, Harley, would be good to go.
So I left it at that.

A year later now and Harley is at a healthy weight, she is sound, and we haven't had any lameness issues! Even all summer when she was on grass for part of the days. Until September came. I noticed that Harley was coming up tender every once in a while, and it has consistently gotten worse the past couple months that she is now more lame than sound. I called my vet to ask about the coffin rotating more, she said no. I asked about tenderness due to wet ground, she said no. I asked about Cushing's and if it can progress at all, and all she said was that it can progress. My vet doesn't seem concerned at all about Cushing's or the fact that she has been sore. But I don't want my horse sore!
I'll be asking my farrier soon, but I need some advice! Should I test Harley again? How concerned should I be? What does "on the cusp" even mean? What should my next step be??

Thank you!!

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