Help with diet etc. Sub clinical laminitis questions Sue and Wiz



I posted a case history and x-rays for Wiz, a 16 year old Arabian gelding diagnosed PPID in June 2014.

In general he is so very much improved since starting Prascend (demeanor and attitude and the spark is back) and after making changes to diet (with veterinary input) and his boarding situation.   I am riding about 4 times a week and recently started to take some schooling lessons again but still feel something is not quite right.  

I read recently in one case history a comment regarding "tripping" possibly having a connection to sub clinical laminitis and after some further reading and research am having concerns that this is an issue for Wiz, as he trips quite regularly, something that never happened in the past ( issue began just prior to diagnosis). I also note from several articles (reputable) that there are other possible signs that I am identifying with him too: tenderness on harder surfaces (we already know he has thin soles hence the front shoes), seedy toe, small areas of bruising on hoof wall, and a short stridedness to name a few.  He is trimmed regularly (-about every five weeks) by the farrier I have used consistently for last 7 years.  (She is highly recommended by nationally known and recognized equine podiatrist (VMD), so I do not think trim is the issue). 

The X-rays posted were taken March 2014 - no issues other than farrier made a slight change in the trim on one rear foot.

Plan to make an appointment with the podiatry specialist to evaluate further to put my own mind at rest as it seems prudent to follow this up. 


1. Should I change out the Himalayan salt block to a white salt block?

2. Should he get a salt supplement daily also ?  Is Aqua Aid ok?

3. Sometimes use Horse Quencher as a water additive to encourage hydration?  Is this ok?

4. I board so have not had hay analysis done, but can if deemed important, however, as we buy only in smaller quantities from different sources does it make sense to just soak the hay if necessary?

Appreciate any input / feedback on diet etc


Sue D / 

North Carolina 

June 2014

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