Re: how much Pergolide?


I hate this yahoo system, I just don't get messages when someone answers on my posts. I apologize for not answering. I don't understand the system of all the posts nested either...

Nancy I still had foot problems but that is after another lami attack in april. It cost me 120 euro (150 $) to do a blood test so I am not testing the blood as often as you all do. I don't know what the insuline is at the moment. The unresolved IR is going on for years now, and as stated the test after feeding the Copra was better. That is all I know.
She is on 1/2 Pergolide now and doing really well.
The feet seem to get more concave but there is still a weird 'plastic' surface there.
Working on the feet with ABC hoofcare group helping. Hard to find a good trimmer here.

Kind regards,
Karin & Kaya



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