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Nancy C

Hi Beverly

Our horses often suffer from euthyroid sick syndrome. 


Personally, I don't think your eating schedule as described was the issue.  The group recommends seeing what the levels are for a horse eating a low ESC and Starch meal and it sounds like that is what you have done.  Insulin could be elevated if the over night fast had been recently broken but you've stated she had been eating for three hours.

Magnesium and zinc are huge for IR help.  I know you are feeding ODTB but some good info here:

2013 Proceedings & Recordings Table of Contents



ECIR 2013 Proceedings Kellon Mineral Nutrition and Insulin Resistance


ECIR 2013 Proceedings Kellon Iron Overload and Insulin Resistance

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I have started her on a very low dose L-Thyro and will let you know what
I see.

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