new to cushings

lj friedman

Pardon the dumb questions.. I've been taking care of a horse whose owner hasnt seen the horse in 3 yrs. and the barn where I board and take lessons never infomed the owner about cushings.. how sad. I know.. I assumed the owner knew and didnt want to treat.but she didnt know,  fast foward. I am looking at low starch senior feeds.. 24 yr old warmblood gelding, will probably start with prascend. will start slowly at .5mg for 3 days.. .75 for 3 days and stay at 1.0?  how do we know when to stop at a working dose?

Teeth were done a few days ago and still not sure if horse needs all pellets, or a combo of pellets and hay. ''

I read that cushings horses should be clipped bec of the hot summer.. poor horse ,,, i didnt know this... I also read that they can also get a low trace clip.. this horse lives in socal  today its 70.. tomorrow could be 85 and when it gets cooler.. days are 70's but nites can be cool  40's 30's  rarely 20's.. Horse will be blanketed at nites when it gets cold.  I assume it should be blanketed.. It has been for past few years?  should I do any clip now?  he does sweat under his mane and today hi was 70.. he is in a mare motel 24x24 and has shade if he wants it..

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