Re: Haystack Feeds

Stephanie Stout

The Haystack Feed Mill is very local to me, and I know the people that own it also. I have been feeding Haystack feeds(they make the Low Carb/Low Fat, the Special Blend(higher fat), Beet Pulp, Alfalfa Pellets, etc) and have always loved them. I don't feed any of their special blend grains to my IR/Cushings horse since they are alfalfa based and he can't have any alfalfa. But, I feed them to my other horses and use their BP all the time. I've never seen any mold, bad bags, etc but I do also get it right off the truck from the mill so it is very fresh so I'm lucky that way. They use their own home-grown hay for the feeds.

They are good feeds without the fillers that other feeds have. My horses love their products!
Oct 2014

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