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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jacque,

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Great that you are using haynets. If needed, there are bags available that have even smaller holes to make the hay last even longer. Yes, divide the total amount of hay for the day into 3-4 feedings if possible. This way, they don;t get excessive insulin spikes when they eat after not having access to any food for over 6 hours. If possible, you should remove the Purina L/S. Beet pulp needs to be weighed out dry then rinse/soak/rinse it before feeding. The first rinse removes surface iron and dirt, the soak leaches out any excess sugars, the final rinse clears away the soaked out sugars.

There are no miracle products out there. Wish there were. What you will need to supplement is based on what is missing/excessive in your base forage. Copper, zinc, vit E are universally deficient in hay. Selenium, salt and iodine are deficient in many. Iron never needs supplementation as it is universally adequate for adults in the diet. To be able to balance a diet appropriately, you will need to get a more comprehensive hay analysis. We recommend using Equi-Analytical and getting the Trainer #603. Here's the link to their site:

You can order a free test kit from them. We do not recommend the Equi-Tech testing as it IS NOT an accurate method to get the results you need.

From the blood results you posted the mule is extremely IR, bordering on actual diabetic. Blood work confirms no PPID (Cushings). The donkey is likely the same. Your current hay has ESC+Starch that is much too high for an IR equid. The total needs to be 10% or lower - your's is 9.6 + 3.56 = 13.16. The only way to lower this is to soak the hay. As that is a problem in Alaska, you could try contacting Ontario Dehy to see about getting the Ontario Dehy Balanced Timothy Cubes. Ask to speak to Aurelio:

The foot soreness in your donkey with the onset of the real cold may be cold-induced vaso-spasm. It is a secondary issue after laminitis/founder and the compression of the vasculature that results from it. Getting IR under control, then getting trim issues squared away are the primary goals here. Then you can add AAKG and Jiaogulan to help increase circulation and keep pain at bay. Keeping the legs and feet warm (wraps, boots, blankets) anytime the temps drop into the 40's or lower will also help.

Really encourage you to post the xrays and picture of the feet as it sounds like there may be unrecognized issues at play here.

Hang in there, we'll help you get this sorted out.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut
Jan 05, RI
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