Re: adding BP for winter calories



***Any suggestions on extra calories?

Stabul 1 has worked very well for my 26 yo pony, Stormy...and you don't have to wet it. She gets free choice (tested low s/s) hay, but will only eat 2-3 lbs a day.   I give her 2 cups Stabul 1, plus 3Tbs. dried split peas (for extra protein), 3x a day.  Stormy is about 350 lbs.   Last year at this time she was very thin, back bone and hip bones stuck out, and very ribby.   Much better this year.  She has finally filled out along her topline.   I just put on her winter blanket and had to let out the straps!   Don't know if you can get Stabul 1 in your area, though. 

Teri and Stormy
Indy 2012

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