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Sherry Morse

Hi Marianne,

I know it doesn't quite fit BUT my thought is that in this area (North East United States) when we see horses that are suddenly reluctant to be touched or are acting 'off' with no apparent reason why and/or who also are suddenly lame but the exact cause cannot be determined there's a very good chance that they will test positive for one of the tick borne diseases.

I do not know if Ehrlichia is commonly diagnosed in horses in the Netherlands, but I would want to rule it out at this point.  I am not sure if there would be a connection with the glucose/insulin levels either, but perhaps the vet would be able to answer that question.
Sherry and Scarlet
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Thank you for helping the thought-process, Sherry!  No, we have not had her checked for that - I will ask our vet tomorrow but I doubt that he will want to do this. The general symptoms donot quite fit. But - one never knows so I will ask him about it. However, would tick-born diseases also have an effect on gluc/insulin running so high?
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