Re: safe pergolide feeding for drug sniffer pony

Nancy C

Hi Erin

I've gone through a lot of what you describe, It's very frustrating  and we've had to change and adapt a lot.  Beau, very high Insulin and Glucose, currently gets 20 pills with his breakfast. Then 12 at night.

With fewer pills I started with a grape.  He got tired of that and every morning was a battle.  We then went to a prune.  That worked for about  year.  Some folks are using hollowed out tiny carrot.  Nutrition data shows 1 gram of sugar in 1 baby carrot

A pitted prune has 4 grams of sugar


A grape has zero grams of sugar

Syringing in can work if you find a carrier they enjoy.  Right now, Beau is happy with olive oil with his jherb, for example. He licks the syringe when he is ready to accept the next bit.  If you check the picky eaters checklist you can find other ideas like, carrot powder or beet root powder that many horses like and are low sugar.

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Picky eater's checklist.pdf A checklist to help keep your sanity!

Now that Beau gets so many pills, I use a Cashell feed bag with a hand full of Nuzu.  Used to use it in just a bowl but got tired of chasing pills while he was swatting flies. He loves it and eargerly awaits his Nuzu and feed bag.  You may have already tried Nuzu but if not, write to Andersen Feed for a free sample.


Whenever introducing new things, I've found it is important to introduce as a treat first, as opposed to a  meal change or a drug delivery system.  After 13 years of doing this for him, this little training change has made all the difference.

Nancy C in NH
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I have pergolide capsules coming, and I'm a bit concerned about how I'm going to get them into Bella.

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