Re: safe pergolide feeding for drug sniffer pony


Thanks Nancy & Lorna,

Should I round up dosage if I mix it in water to syringe feed?

The first pergolide I got was powder with a 1 gram scoop. I'm supposed to give her 1 gram once a day. I was mixing a rounded scoop with water then syringing that.

The new pergolide is in 1 g capsules. Its from a different compounding pharmacy than the first. Should I open 2 capsules and mix 1 in then open the other and mix a little of it in? No matter how careful I try to be with mixing and syringing, it seems there's always a little left over. I want to make sure she gets the dose she's supposed to have.

This is just to get me through until Dec 8 when the vet's coming to repeat ACTH and do insulin & glucose.


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