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Nancy C

Hi Cheri

Soft Ride has been used by many many members over the years. The owner of the company is a big supporter of ECIR.

There used to be a pad that raised the back half of the foot.  I'm not seeing that on the web site but have not been there for some time.

Reports have, in the main, been good for durability and easy of use of the boot.  If by laminitic insert, you mean the wedge  that supports the back half of the foot, you may or may not need that for your horse.

Some horses find relief with the frog support,  if their heels are dramatically lowered.  It gives them time to relax into their new body positions and build soft tissue in the rear of the foot.  You may not need the frog support at all.  A lot of folks have cut up anti-fatigue mats from the big box stores to put in the boot.  They need to be changed frequently.

If you mean the rocker, you may not need that either.  It is designed to ease break over. (I am simplifying) Most of that can be accomplished with the correct trim, a trim done to radiographs. See for more about about what I mean


To put it another way, the rocker will not overcome an incorrect trim.


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My new veterinarian has recommended I get my laminitic horse some Soft Ride boots with the laminitic insert.  Anyone have any experiences with these boots?  They are $195.00 for the boots that come with a regular gel insert and the laminitic insert in an additional $90.00, so before buying these gems I'd like some feed back. 

Cheri in Florida.

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