Re: safe pergolide feeding for drug sniffer pony


Of course, 1 mg not 1 g. Guess that's what happens when I'm not fully awake when I post. 

She's been doing well on a rounded 1 mg scoop, which I'm assuming contains more than 1 mg of pergolide. 

The new pergolide capsules will be here tomorrow, and they're all 1 mg. Is there any reason to assume the new capsules will be more potent than the powder? Is it possible that 1 rounded scoop of pergolide powder will be as effective as a 1mg pergolide capsule?

The capsules are coming from Pet Health Pharmacy. The powder was from Cameron Pharmacy and wasn't sealed when I got it.

Sorry if I'm being really nit picky, but I've found that I have to pay close attention to even the slightest detail with Bella.


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