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Hi ladies,

I'm a bit late in getting Monty titrated up to his 2mg dose of Pergolide after spending last month away dealing with a family issue.  But I'm back and have moved Monty to his new winter digs, have gotten him up to 2mg/day and am ready to re-test next week, as it will have been 3 weeks since his move and upped Pergolide dosage.

I'm encouraged that his body score has dropped by one level to a 6 (lost 70 lb since last weight calculation in August.  He's got less mucous running from his nose, although it's not completely gone. His feet are coming along, although his collateral grooves and central sulcus are sensitive to the hoof pick and he's still not landing heel first.  Although he seems to move willingly, I'm not seeing that he's 100%, so wonder if excercise should only include hand-walking and no trotting?

But my main question regards which test to order?  Just ACTH, or the bundled ACTH/Leptin/Insulin and/or glucose?  What do you suggest?

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Hi Suzanne,

Agree with Lorna and Nancy - that ACTH is already very high and is climbing higher as the seasonal rise is in full swing. You are now playing catch-up. If this were my boy, I would titrate up to a 2 mg dose going up by .25mg every 4 days then retest 3 weeks after reaching the 2mg dose.

The Leptin of 8.97 is also high indicating that Monty is IR "at baseline". This means it isn't only the uncontrolled PPID that is driving the insulin number up but that is the way his metabolism is programmed. Diet is going to be super important as well as getting his pergolide dose correct.

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