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Tiffany Woodward


I have updated Maggie's case history with test results.  Cornell University was the lab.  Her blood was drawn in the morning, and I do not believe she had been feed since the previous evening.  I was not able to be present for that exam because the appointment was made on very short notice and I had to work.  I was literally in tears because I was unable to get up with Maggie's regular vet (the vet who saw her initially) to schedule bloodwork, so the barn owner called another practice and made the appointment and handled everything that day so I could go to work.

I picked up a bag of Triple Crown Lite today and she got just about 1 cup in the evening, just enough to mix in the Thyro-L.  I also soaked her hay for the evening meal.  I'll work on getting a probe and testing the hay tomorrow.  I am not able to open the database link and receive this error message:  "You do not have permission to edit tables. Please contact the moderator of this group."  I originally got a NibbleNet for her, but she got so frustrated with the small holes that she refused to eat.  So I purchased a rope slow feeder hay net instead.  It doesn't slow her down as much, but she's happier with it.  On a side note, what is an ODTB?

We are going to attempt some foot work this weekend.  My regular farrier is not able to come down every week, so the barn owner (who did work previously as a farrier) is willing to trim her every week if necessary.  She's in a box stall with deep pine shavings.  She is currently wearing the Soft Ride's 24/7.  Prior to this weekend and the sole crack incident, I was taking them off once a day for about an hour to clean and air them out.  She's bearing weight well on her left front, so I am able to take off the right boot in order to clean and treat the crack with iodine for a few minutes.

Tiffany Woodward in Washington, NC
November 2014
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