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Tiffany Woodward


I dramatically reduced her Bute today.  She seemed to not feel as well yesterday, and I'm not sure if it was the Bute or just the pain, but she's only had 1 gram thus far today.  I'll go back later this evening & check on her again.  She was not on Bute & Previcox simultaneously.  I had her on 1/2 gram Bute every other day through 11/10, then asked the vet about an alternative, and was given the Previcox.  She was getting 1 tablet per day (it was a small tablet, I'll have to check the milligram size on the bottle at the barn).  She got Previcox once per day for 4 days prior to the sole crack incident.

We are going to try to do some foot work this weekend.  My regular farrier is not able to get out for weekly trims, so the barn owner (who has done farrier work in the past) is willing/able to work on her toes/heels.

I'll work on the Soft Ride pads tomorrow.  Should I cut down the heel for both feet?

Tiffany Woodward in Washington, NC
November 2014

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