Re: safe pergolide feeding for drug sniffer pony

Lorna Cane


Just to be sure there is no confusion,we need to talk about 1 mg capsules, not 1 gram capsules of pergolide. 
I'm sure this has been a typo,but especially for new people here,we need to be clear.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
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>I think your concern is that if you crush a 1 gm cap and place the powder into the liquid in a syringe, that there will be traces left over in the syringe that are not administered, and you want to be sure she gets the full 1 gm dose. 

>Regarding the dosage, you would need to know how many mg of pergolide was in each gm of your compounded powder in order to insure that you were not making a dosage change when you switch to the 1 gm caps. If that info was not accessible to me then I would make an educated guess. 


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