Dr Kellon - Tumeric advice?

Patty Sobel <psobel_gen@...>

Hi all,

I was reading Dr. Kellon's 2012 article on tumeric on Ukelele's site and wondered if there were any updates.  I am very eager to try this with my 20 year old PPID and IR mare, Libby.  I understand that oil enhances it's absorption but am not sure what would be considered a therapeutic dose.  Do we have any additional information or studies regarding it's effect on PPID?  She's on 4 mg compounded Pergolide capsules now.  She also has ERU, so I am very interested from an anti-inflammatory perspective as well.  

If no studies are available, I will happily track and report Libby's results for what it's worth.

If anyone else is giving this, how do you disguise the taste?  Right now I'm syringing in 1 TBSP with flax oil and her Vit E and she loathes the stuff. I would prefer to mix it in her food, perhaps with some cocosoya oil if she'd eat it happily.

Thank you!

Patty and Libby
Laurel, MD
May 2008

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