leg wraps for winte rwarmth

Deborah Ide

I have been planning to get my horse some leg wraps to keep her warm during the winter. Are there any particular ones that people have found to be good? Are we talking about polo wraps, a product like a Back on Track or an actual leg boot of some sort? As it happens, I just read the Uckele Health and Nutrition article by Dr. Kellon "Understanding Winter Laminitis" and she mentions using lined boots. Would those be boots on the feet ( I already use carbide studded Renegade boots on my mare in the winter to prevent slipping on ice) or lined boots on the cannons (I've never seen lined hoof boots so I'm thinking it must mean for the cannons). If on cannons, would actual boots be better than polo wraps? I might think so because they boots come unwound and trip the horse. Can anyone clarify these things?
Deborah Ide
November 2012

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