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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Tiffany,

Put some mark-ups in your album:

The general goal is to lower the heels and back the toes only in the horizontal plane. You want to preserve all the current height in the front part of the foot as this area is already a bit thin. When the trim is done, the shape of the hoof capsule is going to seem quite strange. This is fine as you are working on a pathological foot rather than a normal one. Need to shelve all the ideas of what a normal hoof capsule should look like for now as this is rehab time.

In the xrays, the blue line is where to lower the heels. The green line is where to back the toes to. The red line is the area NOT TO TOUCH for now. The yellow line is where the dorsal wall should be in relation to the coffin bone. DO NOT rasp the excess awy in this area as it is currently providing stability to the compromised hoof capsule. It will grow down in time and get removed as the toe is backed in subsequwnt trims. The small white line is approximately where the white line is now located.

In the sole shot: Because she is lying down, the picture is a bit skewed so the mark-ups are as close as possible to what they should be taking into account that the sole is not square/level in the picture but on an angle. Currently, the toes are long and have pulled the sole and frog forward conveyor belt-style, thinning and stretching them along the way. The true white lin has been buried as well. The crack may be located about where the white line should be and may be due, in part, to the leverage forces that the long toe is exerting on the foot with each step.

RED area is the DO NOT TOUCH zone. Green line is where to back the toe to. Yellow line is where the heels should be, even with the widest part of the frog. The Yellow circles are where the buttresses should be so need to back/lower the heels to this point. Orange chevrons are where the heel/bar triangle should be. This area is buried in overgrown bar material - careful paring will reveal the buried sole plane and expose the true heel-bar triangle. The medial wall appears to be higher and more run forward, with the medial wall seeming to be flaring. The lavender chevron is about where the true tip of the frog is located.

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